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[아리랑 TV] Bizline-실내 조명으로 전기를 생산하는 태양전지, 청정에너지 민병권 센터장 인터뷰

VR & AR: Technologies to Change the Future

Virtual and Augmented Reality are making their way into our daily lives. VR, which enables users to experience artificial computer-generated worlds just like reality, and AR, which projects virtual images or information on the real world, are being in used in various fields including marketing, medicine, gaming, sports and education. VR and AR are therefore considered key technologies of the 4th Industrial Revolution. Global corporations such as Samsung, Apple, Facebook and Microsoft have already shortlisted VR and AR and next-generation growth engines, releasing new products and services and acquiring related companies for a market advantage. We report on the major effects VR and AR are generating through their use in various fields, and the changes they will bring to both our day-to-day lives and the industrial environment.

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